Steven Fitzpatrick

The idea of strength training has been a part of my daily regime for the last decade, whether that be looking to improve my understanding or education of the topic, or bettering myself for my next competition. No matter what, there is always something to learn and a new subject to try to apply your mindset to, I keep an open mind for every aspect of physical fitness because from every corner, you can take a new idea. 

Believing in fitness and all of its principles, how it has such a strong correlation to not only physcial health but mental, is a lifestyle that takes time, effort, and patience.

I have been working with clients for nearly 7 years now, across the entire spectrum of goal setting. This has given me the valuable tool of perspective and has taught me that with any and every obstacle, when there is a will there is a way.

Training and nutrition are very deeply rooted and must go hand in hand, they are the base of your pyramid and can be expanded on, however far you would like to take them personally is up to you. 

My hope and desire is to share my perspective and experience on the entire fitness aspect, while providing information for every level of that said chosen sport. I specialize in powerlifing, strength training and hypertrophy (muscular growth and development). I look to advocate guidance and direction so that you may understand a clear path to your goals, all that you need to bring is a strong willpower to adapt, grow, and develop. All the while reminding yourself that patience is strong virtue and that the tangent of growth and change is not an overnight fix, but a very long road to be walked.

No matter what direction you take it from, your health will always appreciate itself and pay itself off in full.
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