Trevor Mah

Taking care of your health and fitness is not a job, it’s a privilege and a way of life. Being in the fitness and wellness industry means there is a bigger responsibility to ensure actions positively impact those who look up to you.

For over a decade, as a certified personal trianer, I have acquired knowledge through countless hours in courses, seminars, learning from my peers, and of course, my own hands-on experience and experimentation. Through it all, I have worked with people from all walks of life. Personally, my focus has always been on athletics from my background in gymnastics and track and field. While my professional athletic aspirations have faded away, I strongly believe in training for longevity as the underlying goal for all my fitness pursuits.

When I started my personal training journey, I naturally began with the general population. Your average Joe, or Jill, the weekend warrior, or basically anyone who works out because they think it’s a good idea. But that’s where I really began to think about the process behind it. Motivation varies by individual, but I was curious about what exactly influences someone to choose a certain path towards a goal. Was it simply a self-esteem issue? Lack of confidence due to their image? Deteriorating health? These are all valid reasons to begin a journey and certainly continue, but they are all based on negative factors. Then there are those who are driven by other influences. Athletes that want to get better, wanting to be able to keep up with their kids, slow down the aging process, etc. Unfortunately, good intentions paired with a lack of guidance leads to inefficiencies and time you can never get back. Ultimately, I found out that the most significant factor for success was the quality of the information they received.

When the fitness community is fantastic with so many professionals with different experiences, the downside is that just like every profession, there are those who may (un)intentionally take shortcuts by not practicing thier due dilligence. Perpetuating outdated methodology, misinterpreting research, or stubborn thinking processes is harmful to anyone looking for helpful information and is detrimental to the fitness industry.  This is where I am doing my part and took action to help launch Wellness Adept. To share the information that I personally have spent time researching, speaking about with my other well-versed peers, and have applied to both my clients and myself. While not everything I write is going to be applicable to everyone, my goal is to at the very least enlighten people to the process of wellness because being healthy is a way of life, not just a phase you go through.

The health revolution we live in seems like a never-ending one as we all strive to continuously improve. I intend to lead by example by sharing my knowledge in hopes that it can be beneficial to someone. Whether I help you spark interest in a topic, learn something new or simply make you think, I hope you get something useful out of it. In addition, I hope to help showcase and share those with knowledge in other fields because I certainly do not have all the answers. There are specialists who live and breathe certain topics, and are better suited to certain subjects. That’s one of the hallmarks of the industry, the sense of connection as we are all here to (figuratively) lift each other up. By building a resource that is trustworthy, I hope that you can find something useful or shed light on something. Regardless, I hope that it can benefit you on your path.
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